Clean and Minimalist Task List

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Jottin was written with privacy in mind so we do not collect any information about you other than what Apple collects via it's App Store reporting. We do not have, nor do we want, access to any of your content and therefore have no identifiable information about you. We also do not integrate any third party libraries or frameworks.

We never ask for your email and will never send any marketing emails or push notifications.

Data syncing is a feature we provide and is built to utilize iCloud as it's backend so we do assure that your data will persist or that things won't be lost. In the event of this happening, please reach out and we will do our best to troubleshoot and help through your problems.

We do not track any telemetry so if there are any features or improvements that you would like us to implement, please let us know. You can reach out on Twitter at @sabizmil or email us at

If you've read this far we want to thank you for your time and for purchasing, or thinking about purchasing, Jottin.